Monday, July 23, 2012

Poem: Days Like Today

Isn't it funny how when the fog drifts
And blankets its soft haze over us
We say it is ugly, drowsy,
We shun the gray and beg the sun to return

No, it is rather peculiar
I smile when that murky, mysterious light
Seeps through the cracks of my window shades
I even welcome the soft pitter-patter of rain drops

I wonder why others do not see
That on days like this the greens become more alive
The colors of the flowers burst with more vibrance
In contrast with that gray.

How can they not feel that calm beauty,
With the air saturated with tragic romance?
How the gentle light licks our skin,
Forgiving in its cool glow

I smile at the contrast.
I thank God for days like today;
That which makes the rest of the world brighter
In its deep darkness and mystery.

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